White Doe is lovingly designed & made by creative and mother of three, Jane Maree.

"Thank you for being a part of our creative journey, I am so proud to have designed a collection that reflects my truest, most authentic creative self.

In cultivating our range of slow fashion, we have designed White Doe to make progressive movement towards sustainability in the world of fashion and to sustain timeless style for our consumers. By fabricating White Doe and adorning women in bamboo silk, we hope to make a difference. For the world & for women.

White Doe aspires to purity in ethics, environmental impact, and relationships with our customers. Every detail in the line of production is thoughtfully selected, down to our fabrics, dyes and packaging.

We hope for each garments new possessor to wear White Doe with as much passion as it was made from".

Jane x

Our mission 

At white Doe, we are a brand who takes care to produce only ethical and sustainable designs out of our bamboo silk. With its silky texture, it is made to slip onto the figures of all women. We find inspiration in the beauty of the world which we love to explore and take care of. We've had the pleasure of trialling our own designs whilst on the road, so that we know your items can blossom in all sorts of environments. Each piece is lovingly designed, handmade, and selectively garment dyed using Oeko-Tex standard eco reactive dyes, in tones that compliment each season. Our goal was to create timeless pieces that can stay in your wardrobe year after year. Most importantly, we strived to produce clothing that is consciously made and sustainable for our earth. 

At White Doe, we are firm believers in reducing all aspects of waste with plastic in the foreground. Each order is wrapped in recycled tissue paper, and delivered in cardboard using paper tape, so you know your White Doe parcel has as little environmental impact as possible.

Creative Team

Designer & Maker - Jane Maree

Photographer & Content Creation - Chloe Massey&Talib Saleh

 Media Management -  Rhianna Massey

Brand Model - Josie Massey

The lovely bespoke jewellery featured in some of our images has been created by Robin Ashby & Josie Mitchell

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