Size Guide

Please note that this size guide is approximate. All White Doe pieces are handmade at every stage in the making process, and so slight variations may occur.

Also note that every piece is unique to the buyer. You may wish to have a closer fit or oversized style, so please purchase accordingly. Appearance of item will depend on the size you have selected. We have tried to display these varieties throughout our images.

Please find relevant section for more details. Our approximate size guide for White Doe is as follows:

XS/S - UK 6-8.    S/M - UK 8-12.    M/L - UK 12-14.

Arizona Shirt

A versatile shirt with a generous design, available in S/M for UK6-10 and M/L for UK10-14.

Cuff size increases slightly with each size.

Wild West Shirt

We would advise for UK6-8 to select XS; UK8-10 to select S; UK10-12 to select M; and UK 12-14 to select L.

Cuff size increases slightly with each size.

 Please consider how the size you select will affect the overall fit.

More details to follow.

Wrap Hemp Skirt

We'd advise if you wear UK 6-8 to select 'XS/S'; UK 10-12 to select 'S/M'; UK 12-14 to select 'M/L'. 

Please consider that these skirt sizes are influenced by hip size, as the waist can be wrapped as tightly as desired.

 More details to follow.

Hemp Flight Suit

Until we develop a more detailed size guide, we would advise if you wear a UK 6-8 to select 'XS' ; UK 8-10 a 'S'; UK 10-12 a 'M'; UK 12-14 an 'L'.

The following details are based on a size 'S':

Approximate overall length is 63 inches ;  length from neck to waist is 18 inches, and from waist to crotch 13 inches.

For our smallest and largest sizes, overall length will vary accordingly. 

Cuff size increases slightly with each size.

For any specific size requirements or queries, please email us at prior to purchasing. 

The Georgia Hemp Dress

This dress is available in XS, S, M and L. With generous sleeves and skirt, we ask you take most consideration of your waist measurement when selecting your size.

We'd advise that for XS your waist be closest to 26"; for S would suit a 28" waist; for M to be a 30" waist; for L a 32" waist. 

Cuff size increases slightly with each size.

If necessary please contact for further advise prior to purchase.

Kimono Dress             XS/S               S/M              M/L

With Rope

Waist                                              26"-28"                    28"-31"                   31"-34"

Hip                                                  >38"                          >41"                        >44"

Length (short)                           >35"                         >36"                        >36"

Length (maxi)                            >56"                         >57"                        >58"  

Length (mid)                                  Coming soon

Kimono Dress              XS/S             S/M               M/L


Waist                                              26"-28"                  28"-30"                  30"-32"

Hip                                                  >38"                         >41"                       >44"

Length (short)                           >35"                        >36"                       >36"

Length (maxi)                           >56"                         >57"                       >58"

Please note that the hemp version provides more generous fabric.

Kimono Top                 XS/S             S/M              M/L

With Rope

Waist                                              26"-28"                28"-30"                30"-32"

Length                                           22"                         22"                         22"

Kimono Top                 XS/S           S/M              M/L

With Wrap Around

Sash Belt

Waist                                              >26"                     >29"                     >32"

Length                                             18"                        18"                         18"

Ree Ree Top                 XS/S            S/M              M/L

Waist                                             26"-28"                28"-30"                 30"-32"

(Closely tied)

Length                                          10"                         10"                            10"

Ree Ree Skirt               XS                 S                  M               L

Waist                                         25-26"                    27-28"                    29-30"               31-32"

Hip                                            >36"                        >39"                      >42"                   >44"

Length                                       36"                          36"                          36"                      36" 

Josie Dress  

This style with the silk tie  personalises your dress to a tighter or looser fit as desired. We recommend a small is suitable for those who wear a UK 6-10; Medium would suit those who wear a UK 10-12, or for the smaller sizes and larger breasted; large for those UK 12-14. 

Quilted Kimono Jacket 

We advise size small is suitable for those 5ft6" and under and who wear UK6-8, medium for those taller than that (including above 6ft) and wear UK8-10 and large for those that feel the need for more width and wear UK12+. The breadth of our quilted jackets are quite generous, so clothing size only plays a very small role in choosing your fit. 

More details to follow.

Cropped Quilted Kimono Jacket

Currently available in sizes small (for UK6-8 approximately) and medium (for UK 8-12 approximately) due to the design. Please email us for any queries.

Quilted Pouch

Coming soon

Available in sizes small and large where the lengths are the only changeable factor.

Prairie Top                 XS              S              M              L


Waist                                           34"                   36"                  38"                   40"

Length                                        16"                    17"                   17"                    18"

Prairie Top                 XS              S              M              L


Waist                                           34"                   36"                  38"                   40"

Length                                        19"                    19"                  20"                   20"

Also relevant to Sahara Top.

Prairie Dress

Coming soon


Coming soon

Slip Dress

Coming soon

Fleece Tee

Currently available in one size, would fit UK 6-12

Prairie Sweatshirt


Coming Soon

Will have likeness to cropped prairie tops.

Prairie Sweatshirt


Coming soon

Will have likeness to prairie tops

Bamboo Boob Tube

Our bamboo boob tubes are elasticated and ruched and therefore more adaptable. It is the length between chest and waist that changes between sizes, and we know that all women's breasts vary in shape and size, so we recommend you take a look at our measurements and choose your size depending on the look and fit you desire. Our current trials suggest a size small suits ladies who wear an A or B cup, medium for those with a C or D cup, and large for those with a more voluptuous chest. 

More detail to follow.

Bamboo Pants

Our approximation is as follows: size small will fit women who wear a UK 8-10, though if you are on the smaller side of the range please be advised the pants will naturally be of a higher rise on you, so a low or mid rise may suit you better. Size medium would suit women who range between a UK 10-12, and size large a UK 12-14. Our bamboo pants are slightly elasticated around the leg, but do have more give around the waist, so sizing up for waist sizes would not be necessary.

This size guide has been designed for viewing on laptops, we apologise if you cannot access a clear structure. If you have difficulty, please email us explaining your circumstance and your approximate measurements and we will advise you as best we can.

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